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Running these servers ain't free!
If you enjoy playing on these servers, please:


Current Status (updates every 3 minutes)...



List of Games


Here you'll find some short information about the game instances such as any additional mods running (and where to download them if needed), engines/clients you'll need, and connection info (i.e. what port). I also include the protocol in case you run an egress firewall.

NOTE: all games/services run at the address games.square-r00t.net.


Mumble channels (all games)MumbleN/A64738TCP/UDPdeployed


Mumble is a free (Libre and Gratis), multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, others) teamspeak-like software that allows you to talk with friends while gaming. It supports a wide array of features. download links are on the front page of the site (but if you're running GNU/Linux, it should be in your distro's repository). You'll probably want to be sure to register your user (right-click on your username and select "Register" once connected).


DooM I (Co-op)ZandronumlinkBrutal Doom10665UDPdeployed
DooM II (Co-op)"""10666UDPdeployed
DooM II (Deathmatch)Zandronum (Development Build)linkProject Brutality10667UDPdeployed
FreeDooM I (Co-op)Zandronum"None10668UDPdeployed
FreeDooM II (Co-op)"""10669UDPdeployed
FreeDM (Deathmatch)"""10700UDPdeployed

Note: Many engines/"source ports" such as Doomsday are not compatible due to Brutal Doom being used. In the future, I may remove Brutal Doom from the Co-op campaigns so one can use Doomsday with those as it's more atmospheric.

DooM I

DooM by id defined how we play multiplayer first-person shooters today. This is a Co-op instance, meaning you can work with other people and beat the game together! You'll want to grab the Brutal Doom PWAD (and optionally the Hell on Earth starter pack)- both are included in the downloads dir. You'll need the full Ultimate Doom "doom.wad" file as the IWAD (it's available on Steam and GOG).


DooM II - this instance is also Co-op, same difficulty. Same goes as for above: you'll need Zandronum and Brutal Doom v20b (see Doom I). You'll also need the DooM II "doom2.wad" IWAD file (also on Steam - Protip: check out the bundle so you can get a ton of games at once! You can also get it on GOG.).

DooM II (Deathmatch)

"Co-op? Fuck that namby-pamby bullshit!" You want some bloody one-on-one battle with other humans without the fluff of AI or a vague storyline, you got it. You'll need the doom2.wad IWAD. Server runs Zandronum 3 (the development build) so it can run a new fan-favourite, Project Brutality (also in the downloads dir) so make sure you grab the newer version of that too.


FreeDooM is a complete rewrite of DooM (I, II) with Creative Commons licensed artwork, which means it is a Libre and Gratis IWAD (the DooM engine has been open sourced some time ago). This instance requires the "Ultimate FreeDooM" IWAD and Zandronum (see above, included in the download dir- filename is freedoom1.wad) and is co-op. Even if you played through the single-player of DooM I, this provides different maps and is worth a play if you're looking for something a bit different.

FreeDooM II

Same as above, except this time a re-imagining of DooM II. It uses the "freedoom2" IWAD.

FreeDM (Deathmatch)

An assortment of 32 brand-new multiplayer maps! All Creative Commons! You'll need the "freedm" IWAD (included in the downloads dir).


Quake I (Co-op)Darkplaceslink26000UDPdeployed
QuakeWorld (Capture the Flag)""26001UDPdeployed
QuakeWorld Team Fortress""26002UDPdeployed
QuakeWorld (Deathmatch)nQuake"26003UDPdeployed
QuakeWorld (Team Deathmatch)""26004UDPdeployed
Quake II (Co-op)Q2PROlink27910UDPdeployed
Quake III: Arena (Capture the Flag)Spearmintlink27960UDPdeployed
Quake III: Arena (Deathmatch)ioQuake3"27961UDPdeployed
Quake III: Arena (Team Deathmatch)""27962UDPdeployed

Quake I

Ah, Quake. My favourite. This instance is co-op, so you'll need the commercial PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK. They can be purchased via Steam or, my personal recommendation, the entire Quake set on GOG. If you use the Steam version. be sure to check out the Ultimate Quake patch, though it's not necessary (and not included in downloads). This instance is co-op.

Quake Capture the Flag (Threewave)

This mod defined online multiplayer capture the flag. Threewave (now seemingly Threewave Software) did some fantastic things with CTF. Grapple, runes, etc. all existed in the classic mode, but Threewave CTF offers many different game modes.

Quake Team Fortress (TF1/QWTF)

With the release of QuakeWorld was the birth of a legacy: Team Fortress. If you've played Team Fortress 2, this is its grandpappy (QWTF to TFC/TF1.5 to TF2). There are several variants, but I run a vanilla Team Fortress. You can grab the files here, assuming you have a QuakeWorld-compatible client already installed and configured (Darkplaces should work, as well as nQuake- but I recommend nQuake for multiplayer non-story play as it's less "atmospheric").

QuakeWorld Deathmatch ("pro" mode)

With the release of QuakeWorld, Quake I multiplayer took off. Holy shit. You haven't lived until you've played Quake this fast. The server runs nQuake so you'll want to grab a copy.

Quake II

Quake II takes a bit of a turn from Quake I- less Lovecraft, more Aliens and robotic/mechanical entities. The multiplayer is slower-paced (and handicapped) compared to Quake I/QuakeWorld in my opinion, so I just run a co-op instance. The campaign isn't too bad, however, and definitely is a more developed storyline/plot than Quake I's. The server runs Q2Pro so you may need to use that client. However, worthy mentions include the Yamagi Quake II client (which provides some modernizations to the multiplayer experience) and Quake II xp (which provides a LOT of modernizations to graphics), as well as R1Q2 (which seems to be dead). You'll also need the commercial pak0.pak, pak1.pak, and pak2.pak (available via Steam or in the GOG pack linked above).

Quake III: Arena

Quake 3: Arena brings back memories for me as well- it was a staple of my early LAN parties. Unfortunately it's showing its age; there aren't many alternative/updated engines that are very mature, to my knowledge, and getting it running isn't as simple as just dropping in some PAK files- but I recommend using Spearmint for some pretty awesome improvements like 4-player splitscreen and gamepad support (only supported on CTF). If you're looking for something with numerous improvements but closer to the feel of the original Quake III: Arena, I recommend ioquake3. You will need the pak0.pk3 file from the CD to play, and possibly a valid key. It is, however, available via Steam and the GOG link above. (Protip - if you're on Windows, why not just get a whole slew of Quake games?). The Deathmatch games (but not the CTF games) run the OSP mod.


Unreal Gold (Capture the Flag)Stock (with OldUnreal 227i patch)link7776UDPpending
Unreal Gold (Co-op)""7777UDPdeployed
Unreal Gold (Deathmatch)""7778UDPpending
Unreal Gold (Team Deathmatch)""7779UDPpending
Unreal Tournament 1999 GOTY (Capture the Flag)Stock (with UTPG patchlink7780UDPpending
Unreal Tournament 1999 GOTY (Deathmatch)""7778UDPpending
Unreal Tournament 1999 GOTY (Team Deathmatch)""7781UDPpending

Unreal Gold

Unreal was another staple of my childhood LAN parties. The easiest (only?) way to legally purchase it now online, except from maybe Amazon, is via the Steam pack or via GOG. I run the co-op mode because Unreal has a fantastic campaign.

Unreal Tournament 1999 (GOTY edition)

Unreal Tournament (no, not the new one, which is actually Unreal Tournamant 4, of sorts) was the prime competitor to Quake III: Arena. It featured much better graphics (lighting, textures), more complex maps, more gameplay modes, but was more centered around being entertaining to play by itself rather than straight demonstration of skill. You can get it on Steam or GOG.


Warsow (Capture the Flag)Warsowlink44400UDPpending
Warsow (Deathmatch)""44401UDPpending
Warsow (Team Deathmatch)""44402UDPpending


Warsow is Libre and Gratis. It has a lot of pretty bright colours and extremely fast gameplay, plus things like fully quakeworld-compatible strafejumping, etc. but adds some new tricks as well. It's multiplatform. It's also been greenlit by Steam/Valve- so you may be able to install it right from Steam soon.


Xonotic (Capture the Flag)Xonoticlink27950UDPpending
Xonotic (Deathmatch)""27951UDPpending
Xonotic (Team Deathmatch)""27951UDPpending


Another Libre/Gratis game. Xonotic was originally called Nexuiz; however, after losing the name to a complete piece of trash, it was changed. It features some of the fastest gameplay you can find around- it's highly competitive and highly moddable as well.

Running these servers ain't free! If you enjoy playing on these servers, please: